Eli Burnstein

Other Projects


Standup Comedy

A hobby that’s equal parts terrifying and therapeutic.

Buckslip Newsletter

A weekly media digest I write alongside Patrick Pittman, John Di Palma, Chris Lange, and Anna Duckworth. Over 100 issues deep and 1,000 subscribers strong.

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Fancy Cars with Parking Tickets

A silly little Tumblr where I post images of you-know-what complete with a caption of what I assume the person was saying while they were getting written up. You know, as a comment on “society.”

People with Sticky Notes

Yeah, I don’t know about this one. Having floated through the halls of too many startups to name, a sendup was simply too good to resist. But I do it with love.

How to Philosophize on the Internet

A dorky and downright earnest philosophy blog where I muse about language, meaning, knowledge, and other big bad things. Usually in short form. Mockery encouraged.